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This protocol is a draft. It has not yet been accepted as protocol and may be incorrect or poorly cited. Please do not use this in your work until it has been accepted.

Please see #protocols on Slack to discuss this protocol further.

This is the protocol for claiming support for therapy expences.

When to claim for therapy

QC funded therapy covers therapy to deal with your expereinces while working for queercare(meeting the criteria in paying people protocol ), and relevent things from your life which are bought up by it. For example, QC funds therapy focusing on:

  • The outcomes of wittnessing a violent incident, or supporting someone who was involved in a violent incident.
  • Outcomes related to your own experience of a violent incident where you were not working for queercare, if your work in QC triggers ore resurfaces issues related to this experience.
  • Outcomes of someone you're supporting threatening or manipulating you(whether intentionally on their part or not, successfully or not).
  • Outcomes relating to a person you're caring for eating a strawberry, where you had previous experience of traumatic events which resurfaced as a result of you eating a strawbery.

Qc does not fund therapy you may require which is unrelated to your work for QC, but we trust you to be the judge of this for yourself.

QC does not fund therapy for people that we are supporting, or anyone not working with queercare.

How to claim for therapy

There are two options for claiming for therapy:

    • You should ask your therapist of choice to send an invoice for their work to You can link them to this page
    • If you do not want to do that for some reason you can therapy out of your own pocket and Claim_expenses for the cost.

Queercare funds therapy at full rate, from any bacp acredited therapist.