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QueerCare uses a system of principles, policies, and protocols.

Principles are broad overarching documents that give the general shape of what work in a given area should look like. Each principle is a wide statement outlining assumptions, relevant evidence, moral and organisational guidance, etc.

For example, a principle for doing support work during the COVID-19 pandemic is, 'It is essential that people feel able to, and are able to, reach out to community support organisations'.

Policies are based on principles- they describe broadly the desired behaviour of a system of care, and provide guidance on implementing it.

For exmple, a policy for doing support work during the COVID-19 pandemic based on the above principle is, 'Support should be provided without needing to have someone's data shared with another organisation (such as a private company, political party, a council, the NHS or the police)'.

Protocols are how to implement policies, as clear, step by step instructions.

For example, a protocol based on the above policy from the above principle is 'Data Protection for Local Groups Protocol'.