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== How to find an IM injection site ==
[[File:Thigh injection site.png|thumb|right]]=== Thigh injection site ===
* For thigh injection (recommended for self injection)
** divide your thigh horizontally into 3 sections
** aim the injection on the outer top part of this middle section
=== Buttock injection site ===[[File:Thigh Buttock injection site.png|thumb|centerright| Aim for injection where the 'X's are]] 
* For buttock injection (recommended if someone else is doing the injection for you)
** divide each buttock into 4 parts
** aim the injection in the upper outer quarter, towards the hip bone
[[File:Buttock injection.png|thumb|center| Aim for injection where the 'X's are]]
== What to before an IM injection ==

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