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* You should avoid contact with people at high-risk to the effects of COVID-19 for 14 days following the protest.
==If you are part of a welfare/team==If you are part of a team distributing welfare (masks, water, snacks, etc.) '''you will present a high risk of spreading the virus''' between protesters, back into the community, and ultimately of contracting the virus yourself. As a result '''additional precautions should be considered'''. You should also make considerations to what welfare items are distributed. Distribution should:* Be '''done at arms length''' where possible. * Be '''handed out directly by the welfare team''' rather than the person helping themselves from a bag.** This is to reduce the time in close contact** If the person does not want to take things that have been handled by others, they should be encouraged to sanitise their hands first aid team, and shown the correct technique ===Welfare kit==='''Water'''* Handing out individual bottles is preferable.* If you are using a large bottle, you should:** Also take disposable cups.** Only refill wide neck bottles, and ensure the neck of the large bottle does not come in contact with the bottle being filled. '''Snacks'''* Individually wrapped snacks are preferable. '''Hand sanitiser''' should be added as an essential part of welfare supplies during pandemic conditions.* The welfare team should be [[Hand_hygiene_protocol|sanitising their hands]] frequently whilst distributing, after every few groups at minimum.* Encouraging protesters to sanitise their hands.* This can work well as a buddy-pair, with 1 buddy handing out items, and the other with hand sanitiser to reducecross-contamination. '''Surgical masks''' are a useful addition to the usual welfare supplies.* When handing out masks, you should '''instruct people the [[Close_contact_mask_protocol#Without_a_nylon_overlay|correct way to wear them]]'''.* If it is likely that kettling will be used against the protest you can hold back a supply of masks to hand out and '''encourage people to change into a fresh mask when a kettle is formed'''.


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