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This page describes protocol, or, how to do things with QueerCare. You should check how to read protocol well if you're new to QueerCare.
This protocol is part of a system of protocols. These describe a system for doing dispatch from ingest to instructing volunteers and safeguarding, for doing dispatch safely and transparently for all involved. These are the Covid dispatch protocols part of the larger Covid protocols effort from QueerCare.
This page is specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our covid protocol still focuses on somewhat older science relating to droplet transmission. We are currently reviewing this. It will be updated rapidly.

When someone you are providing remote care for is having difficulty accessing shops, or going to the shops is a stressor, you can refer the person you are in contact with to #covid-dispatch for assistance from the list of supporters.

The types of assistance that can be provided from the dispatch supporters are:

  • Someone going to the shops
  • Some microwavable meals prepared
  • Soap, bleach & clean cloths
Please note: the assistance available will be dependant on who is offereing support in the area so these may not all be available imediately.

To refer you will need to be in the "QC Food Networking Referal" signal chat. For access to this, tag @misha in #covid-dispatch, or send a direct message.

Terms Used

  • Requester - A person requesting assistance. In this case, the person recieving care.
  • Supporter - A person who has signed up to the QueerCare COVID response.
  • Referrer - A person providing care to the requester as part of QueerCare.
  • Dispatcher - A person within QueerCare who is familiar with the COVID dispatch protocols.

How to refer to #covid-dispatch

As referals will contain PII, requests must not be made on slack.

If you are not a COVID dispatcher

If you are not familliar with the COVID dispatch protocols you should follow this procedure.

  1. You should ask the person you are supporting if they would be comfortable recieving support from one of the QueerCare COVID mutual aid supporters.
  2. You should post in the signal, including:
    • Postcode (first part and second number is fine)
      • This will be used as the referral reference and should be included in all messages between Refferer and Dispatcher
    • The assistance requested (see available types of assistace in the introduction)
    • Urgengy of request (is support needed tomorrow/this week/this month, etc)
    • Contact method (what method will the requester be comfortable being shared with the supporter)
  3. A dispatcher will acknowledge your request and respond to you privately with supporters nearby offering the requested assistance. They will include:
    • The referral reference
    • The name of the supporter
    • The reference number of the supporter
  4. Propose the names to the person you are supporting, and ask them if they don't want to be in contact with any of them.
    • You should make it clear you do not need a reason for not wanting to be matched.
    • You do not need to include the reference number in your message.
  5. Respond to the dispatcher including the following:
    • The referral reference.
    • The names of the supporters that have been accepted.
    • The reference numbers of the supporters that have been accepted.
    • How the requester intends to reimburse the supporter for any shopping.
  6. Once the COVID dispatcher has recieved responses from the supporter, they will pass over the following detail:
    • The referral reference
    • The supporter's name
    • The supporter's contact details
  7. Link the requester with the supporter. This can be done using the match up form letter below.

This is [REFERRER] from QueerCare, making an introduction between the two of you. 

[REQUESTER], please let [SUPPORTER] know what you need, and how you will be able to reimburse [SUPPORTER] for any shopping.

If you should need advice on how to do anything safely, the Queercare wiki has protocol that we’re updating and adding to regularly:

Best wishes to the both of you,

If you are a COVID dispatcher

If you have access to the COVID volunteer spreadsheet follow this procedure.

  1. You should follow the Central Dispatch Procedure in the Central dispatch and Digest Protocol for proposing and contacting. You should not fill in the spreadsheet.
  2. You can use the form letter in this protocol for matching.

How to respond to referrals in the Signal

If you are familliar with the central dispatch proceedure, volunteer spreadsheet and mapping you should follow this procedure when responding to referral requests in the signal.

  1. If you are able to take on a referal in the time frame given in the request, acknowledge the request in the main chat.
  2. You should then map 3 suitable supporters and send a direct message to the referrer, using Form Letter B, including the names and volunteer reference numbers. You do not need to fill out the spreadsheet.
  3. Contact the supporters as in the central dispatch proceedure. Once they have agreed to the match and delivery protocols, message the referrer with the following:
    • The referral reference
    • The supporter's name
    • The supporter's contact details