QCYF Group Boundaries

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This protocol is a draft. It has not yet been accepted as protocol and may be incorrect or poorly cited. Please do not use this in your work until it has been accepted.

Please see #protocols on Slack to discuss this protocol further.

This page describes principles, base assumptions upon which QueerCare operates. See structure of queercare documentation if you're new to QueerCare.
This page is specific to QueerCare Youth Folk (QCYF) which is the autonomous group inside QueerCare made up of people aged 13-19.

This document outlines the principles upon which QueerCare Young Folk (QCYF) operates.

As a group within QueerCare, QCYF also operates using the QueerCare Principles.

This is a living document and is regularly reviewed and updated. These principles should be reviewed in a QCYF General Meeting at least once every six months.

Last reviewed: XX/XX/2021 Next review: XX/XX/2021



Communication and Respect

Confidentiality and Boundaries