Bagging activated charcoal protocol

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What to do before bagging charcoal:

Find a clean workspace with tile or hard floor underneath it- you should avoid carpet- and with a wipe clean surface to work on.

Disinfect the surface you're going to work on, and your tools: - A package of food grade activated charcoal - A scoop for the charcoal(a kitchen ladle is a good choice) - A canning funnel - 12x17cm mylar bags- avoid white bags, try and use black or silver bags - An electronic kitchen scale - A small mixing bowl - A heat sealer - A large box or bowl to take packaged charcoal.

Decide which way you're going to be working- probably left to right. Lay out the container of activated charcoal at the start with the scoop in it. Put the scale, with the bowl on it, in the middle. Put the heat sealer and mylar bags near the end, with the container for finished bags beyond it.

Get soap and water ready for clearing everything down

Put on a mask.

How to bag charcoal

Scoop charcoal into the bowl until the scale measures 55g.

Take a mylar bag, pull the edges apart, and insert the bottom of the canning funnel into it. Grip the canning funnel around the bottom, holding the bag in place.

Carefully and slowly pour the charcoal into the bag, being careful not to spill it.

Take the bag by it's corners, and pull them apart slowly. Push them together again, to make the bag dilate, and pull apart. Repeat 3-4 times, until the charcoal settles at the bottom.

Lay the bag on the heat sealer, approximately 5mm from the end of the end of the bag, and seal by pushing down. Hold the sealer down after it finishes for approximately 5s.

Lift the sealer. Shake the bag upside down over the activated charcoal container to check for leaks.

Put sealed bags into your output box.

After bagging activated charcoal

Seal the container.

Wash your hands with soap and water, repeatedly.

Wipe down all the tools you used, using plenty of soap and water.

Clean down the surface you worked on.

Wash your hands again.

Wipe down each bag, removing as much as can be removed.

Weigh each one- make sure it's more than 51g total(the mylar bags are essentially weightless).

Add labels, if you have them.