Updating the Safeguarding Principles, Policies and Protocols Protocol

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This protocol is under review, and has not been accepted.

We are currently gathering feedback and editing this protocol, and there may be errors or bad wording. Please only use this protocol with caution, and if other organisations have definitive protocol, use that instead.

Please see #protocols on Slack to discuss this protocol further.

Safeguarding principles, policy and protocols should be reviewed thoroughly and updated at least every 6 months. This should be the responsibility of the Safeguarding leads and deputies to organise; however, everyone in the organisation should be able to feed in. They should

  • Discuss any issues that have arisen and work on how to mitigate them. Then make the necessary edits to the written principles, policy, and protocols
  • Check that it still reflective of any local or national legislation
  • Ensure that people in QueerCare (adults and young people) are consciously aware of it and any recent updates
  • Ensure that the names and ways of contacting the Safeguarding Leads and Deputies are clear and known, and that people know how to access the principles, policy and protocols
  • Ensure the Safeguarding Leads and Deputy Leads have up to date training.

Safeguarding leads and deputies should be continuously reviewing the principles, policy and protocols (especially after any concerns being raised). Debriefs should feed into this (follow the protocol for doing a debrief). If there are any changes, these should be clearly communicated on Slack.