Template email for asking for extentions recource

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This resource is a draft - it is undergoing review to fact check and improve it prior to adoption. It should only be used if you cannot find other options, and you should err on the side of caution while using it.

A template for emailing teachers asking for an extention on work. Feel free to edit and add or remove as you need.


Subject: Homework extension

Dear [Teacher’s name], I hope you are well. I’m emailing about the homework due on [DATE], and to ask whether I’d be able to get an extension till [DATE you can hand in by]. I have been unable to work on it so far due to [e.g. unexpected personal stuff/ family situation/ unanticipated caring responsibilities (I’m a young carer) - can put more detail in if you want] and would appreciate an extension so that I can do the work to the best of my ability rather than rushing it.

Thank you!


[Form name/ student ID number/ a way of identifying who you are]