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Use the [[red flag]] template <code><nowiki>{{Redflag|[Describe the red flag]}}</nowiki></code> for lines in the protocol which require '''urgent escalation''', such as calling an ambulance.
== How to Use the Review System ==
Protocol passes through three stages: '''draft''', '''review ''' and '''live'''.
* === Draft ===Draft protocol is '''non-authoritative, '''. It is generally being '''actively worked on ''' by two or three people actively. Draft protocol '''shouldn't be used''' unless there are '''no other guides''' from any other organisations on how to do the task. If the protocol you're working on is in the draft stage, to produce a definitive suggestionyou must put the note <code><nowiki>{{draft}}</nowiki></code> at the top of the page. * === Review ===[[:Category:Review protocol|Review protocol]] is under review- if it contains medical information, this means passing it to healthcare professionals for review, and is always being looked at by everyone in the QueerCare slack, and edited for clarity, specificity, and accuracy. Protocol in this stage is best used unless other, definitive protocols exist from other organisations. * If the protocol you're working on is in the draft stage, you must put the note <code><nowiki>{{review protocol}}</nowiki></code> at the top of the page.  === Live ===Live [[:Category:protocol|protocol]] has undergone review and is considered canonical. It outlines exactly how to do something in QueerCare.
== How to comment on protocol in draft or review ==


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