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=== Categories ===
Categories are coloured '''textboxes''' at the top of pages that display a '''short message''' and group pages on '''similar topics''' together. You can find the '''full list of categories currently in use''' on the QC Wiki [[|here]].
To '''add a category''' that has '''already been created''' to a Wiki page, find the '''name''' of the category on the '''list''' of templates and add it in '''curly brackets''' at the top of the Wiki page.
* If the protocol relates to the '''COVID-19 pandemic''', you should use the [[Template:Covid|COVID]] template: <code><nowiki>{{covid}}</nowiki></code>.
* If the protocol is relates to work done that is not '''not specific''' for the '''COVID-19 pandemic''', but '''useful''' during this period, you should use the [[Template:Useful for COVID|Useful for COVID]] template: <code><nowiki>{{Useful for COVID}}</nowiki></code>.
* If the protocol is to do with '''First Aid''', you should use the [[Template:First aid protocol|First Aid Protocol]] template: <code><nowiki>{{first aid protocol}</nowiki></code>


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