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==At the protest==
'''These steps may not always be possible''' to follow during escalated protests and when faced wth police violence/kettling. However '''these are aditional factors to include when assessing your individual comfort and risk levels''' when taking part in more volatile actions during COVID-19.
Social distancing at protests is hard to achieve, and often out of the control of individual protesters. '''Protests should be considered close contact situations'''
*You should '''wear [[Close_contact_mask_protocol|surgical masks]]''' where possible.
**If there is an insufficient supply of these, [[Day-to-day_COVID-19_mask_protocol| cloth face coverings]] can be worn.
* You should replace your mask with a '''fresh one ''at least'' every 2 hours'''. Change your mask more frequently if supplies allow.
*# '''[[Hand_hygiene_protocol|Sanitise your hands]]''' before and after removing the old mask.
*# '''Put the old mask in a sealable bag''' imediately after removal, and sanitise your hands again.
*# '''Put on a fresh mask''' and sanitise your hands again.
==After the protest==
==If you are part of a welfare/first aid team==


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