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==Travelling to/from the protest==
* If possible, '''travel by pavement, bike, in [[Ridesharing protocol|a private car]], or a taxi'''.
* If you use public transport, try not to touch spaces with your hands, '''use [[hand hygiene protocol|hand sanitiser]] after travelling''', or [[glove protocol|wear gloves]] which you can change.
** If wearing gloves you should change these immediately after leaving the bus or train station.
*'''You should wear a [[Close_contact_mask_protocol|mask]]''' or [[Day-to-day_COVID-19_mask_protocol|face covering]] for travelling.
On approach to the protest, but '''before entering the main crowd''' you should:
*'''[[Close_contact_mask_protocol#Without_a_nylon_overlay_2|Remove the mask]] you wore for travelling''' putting it in a sealable bag. Then '''sanitise your hands.'''
*'''[[Close_contact_mask_protocol#Without_a_nylon_overlay|Put on a fresh mask]]''' and sanitise your hands again.
==At the protest==


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