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== When should you be ridesharing? ==
* You should only consider ridesharing if there is '''no other way to achieve an essential task ''' such as...
** Providing care for someone
** Going to work
** Attending an essential appointment
** Leaving an unsafe situation (eg domestic violence)
* This list is '''non-exhaustive ''' and there may be circumstances not on this list where you will need to ride share* You should not rideshare if you have '''symptoms of COVID-19'''.* However, when assessing the risks you should be mindful that the disease '''may still be transmitted by people who have no symptoms.'''
== Before your journey ==
* Take '''hand sanitizer''' if you have any
* Prepare '''face coverings''':
** use [[close contact mask protocol|surgical masks ]] if widely available, otherwise use [[Day-to-day COVID-19 mask protocol|tightly-woven cotton fabric]]
** bring a change of mask/face covering if you have one, especially if your journey will last more than 2 hours.
* If you may need to eat or drink on the journey, take '''paper towels''' to lay your mask on
=== After your journey ===
* Make sure '''everyone has safely entered their homes/destinations''' before driving away* '''Wash your hands after leaving the vehicle''', before removing your face covering* '''Wash your hands again''' after '''removing your face covering'''* Follow '''hygiene procedures of your household''' when returning* '''Clean areas of the vehicle that are likely to have been handled''' on the journey, using bleach solution or soapy water


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