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{{draft protocol}}
This is a protocol for situations when you need to share a car during the COVID-19 pandemic with someone who is not a member of your household.
== When should you be ridesharing? ==
* For drivers - when your windows are open, '''maintain as much distance as possible from cyclists and pedestrians''', 2m at absolute minimum
* Considering '''playing music or a podcast''' as a form of entertainment, in lieu of prolonged conversation!
=== Rest breaks and food ===
* '''Limit time spent at petrol stations and motor services''', if you cannot avoid these.
* '''Use hand sanitiser''' after any essential stops where you cannot wash your hands.
* If you need to '''eat''' something, try to do so during a '''rest break outside the car''', or with the car doors open.
* If you do have to '''eat while inside the car''', make sure that you are '''facing an open window'''.
* '''Remove face coverings fully to eat or drink''', rather than pushing them up or down. (See instructions below)
* Immediately '''store all used food and drink packaging''', tissues, wet-wipes, etc in a '''disposable bag'''
=== Face coverings ===
* If you must '''remove your face covering''' to eat, or for any other reason:
** Use hand sanitiser before and after you remove your face covering, or wash your hands if you are at a rest stop.
** Handle used face coverings by the ties/earloops only. Do not touch the face area.
** If possible, store the used face covering in a bag and put on a fresh one after eating.
** If you will need to put the same face covering back on, place it on a disposable paper towel or tissue, outer side facing down.{{cite|Nebraska Medicine, 'Universal Masking Guidelines'; Accessed: 2020-05-24|external|}}
** Make sure you put it back on with the same side facing outwards.
** Sanitise/wash your hands before and after you replace your face covering,
* '''Change your face covering every 2 hours''', or more frequently if the fabric has become damp with moisture from your mouth.{{cite|Kelkar et al, 'How effective are face masks in operating theatre?'; Accessed: 2020-05-24|external|}}


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