Scene survey protocol

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This protocol is a draft. It has not yet been accepted as protocol and may be incorrect or poorly cited. Please do not use this in your work until it has been accepted.

Please see #protocols on Slack to discuss this protocol further.

This protocol is part of First Aid Protocol and should not be used outside of the Accident Procedure

This is the protocol for doing a Scene Survey- The first step in the [First_aid_protocol|accident procedure], otherwise known as "looking around for other problems".

A scene survey is normally over quickly- it can take a few seconds- and you don't need to document everything.

When to do a scene survey

You always do a scene survey before begining to interact with an incident or patient- There is no situation that is too urgent to do a scene survey for.

What to do before doing a scene survey

You should put on gloves before a scene survey because the ritual helps calm you and you'll do better work. However you can do a scene survey before, or after, most of the steps in the danger stage- but if your scene survey comes up with a need for different PPE than you've already put on, you'll have to change it.

How to do a scene survey

You must Look at the casualty and work out possible causes for their condition- Did they trip, did something fall on them, were they attacked, did they freeze? If you can figure out probable causes, are those things a risk to you? Can you make them safe, or work around them?

You must look at the casualties surroundings- Are there any things which aren't responsible for their condition, but could prove a danger to you- Maybe they tripepd and fell, but there's people running all around them, and you could be crushed(or so could they!).

What to do after doing a scene survey

The survey produces a list of risks- to you, to the casualty, and possibly to others. Consider how much danger those present, and whether and how you can intervene safley. If you can intervene safley, you should do so. If you can't intervene safley, you should Get help from someone who can.