Running a meeting protocol

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This page describes protocol, or, how to do things with QueerCare. You should check how to read protocol well if you're new to QueerCare.

Running a meeting of any kind in queercare is a very flexible undertaking, however, there are a few quick basics

When to run a meeting

Whenever a group of people need to discuss queercare work- individual support work or protocol or anything similar.

What to do before the meeting

You must a venue that is wheelchair accessible, and book it.

You should find a venue which has lighting that can be adjusted to meet the needs of people who find direct light limiting.

You should plan in advance what food you're going to have available at the meeting, and who's bringing it.

You should message everyone going over appropriate communications as far in advance as is possible.

You can decide in advance what minutes will be taken and who will take them.

You can plan for about half an hour waiting for someone to run late into your meeting.

How to run a meeting

You must prepare food for the meeting.

You must make sure there are 10m of break every hour.

You should wait until everyone has arrived.

you can write out an agenda

Someone should keep minutes or notes on the goings on.

What to do after the meeting

You should send any minutes to relevant chats and archives.

You should remind people about things they have committed to doing in the meeting.