Prescription collection protocol

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This page describes protocol, or, how to do things with QueerCare. You should check how to read protocol well if you're new to QueerCare.
This page is specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our covid protocol still focuses on somewhat older science relating to droplet transmission. We are currently reviewing this. It will be updated rapidly.

This is a protocol for collecting a prescription from a pharmacy on behalf of someone else.

What to before collecting the prescription

  1. Ask the person whose prescription you are collecting for their:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Address
  2. Does the person you are collecting for usually pay for their prescription?
    • If yes, arrange to pay for items ahead of time and collect payment when dropping off the prescription
    • If no, check which exemption they qualify for (ticking the wrong box can lead to a £100 fine!)
  3. Is the person receiving antibiotics or just their regular monthly supply?
    • Be sure to check that the items you are given by the pharmacy are what the person is expecting. Often people are expecting antibiotics but only receive their non-urgent medication.
  4. Does the prescription contain any items that must be kept in the fridge?
    • Most prescription items that must be stored in the fridge can only be left out at room temperature for around 30 minutes before needing to be refrigerated again. Factor this in to your delivery time
  5. Does the prescription contain any items that are designated controlled drugs such as morphine, oxycodone, buprenorphine?
    • If yes, you will need to present photo ID (driver's licence, passport) when collecting the prescription

How to collect the prescription

  1. Tell the pharmacist that you are collecting a prescription on behalf of someone else and provide the person's details
  2. You will be asked to sign the back of the prescription
    • tick the appropriate prescription exemption or,
    • pay the prescription charges and retain the receipt for the person you are collecting for
  3. You may be asked to present your ID as you are picking up on behalf of someone else
  4. The pharmacy may call the person to confirm that they are expecting someone else to collect on their behalf
  5. Do not open the prescription bag to avoid contaminating the items inside

Dropping off the prescription

  • If you are delivering to someone who is immunocompromised or otherwise at risk, please follow this protocol. However, you do not need to open and disinfect what is inside the prescription bag. Before travelling to the pharmacy, take an empty plastic bag you have disinfected inside and out, or a new bag, and place this inside another disinfected bag, or another new bag. Take this to the pharmacy with you and ask the pharmacist to immediately place the pharmacy bag inside the inner plastic bag, then seal the outer bag.
  • If you are delivering to someone who is potentially infected, please follow this protocol