Non steroidal Substance testing protocol

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This protocol is a draft. It has not yet been accepted as protocol and may be incorrect or poorly cited. Please do not use this in your work until it has been accepted.

Please see #protocols on Slack to discuss this protocol further.

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This is the protocol for testing substances("drugs", "suplements" or "medication", etc) which do not have a verifable supply chain, such as a pharmacy. This protocol uses a service which does not cover steroids and image enhancing drugs. A seperate protocol is available for these substances. It is currently unknown if wedinos considers estrogens and progesterones to be steroids or image enhancing drugs.

When to test a substance

Substances should be checked before their first use when you are not certain that they have come from a registered pharmacy in a country with a strong record of verifying medication.

Each batch must be checked individually- don't assume that because it came from the same source that it's just as good.

How to test a substance

  • Obtain a sample of the substance as is possible which can be sealed- ideally a pill still in it's blister pack, or similar.
  • Double bag the sample in two ziploc bags, one inside the other, making sure each is sealed.
  • Fill out the [sample testing form], with a reference code and as much of the form as can be filled out(you must not use some of the substance for the purposes of filling out the grey section- only fill this out if someone has already taken some of this batch).

Make a note of the reference code.

  • Put the sample and the folded form in a standard envelope, and put a stamp on the outside of it. Post it at a post box.
    • Wedinos notes "The mail system prohibits the posting of controlled drugs and narcotics. Do not knowingly submit samples of controlled drugs via the postal mechanism.".
  • Check the [Sample results page] regularly, by typing in your reference code. Results generally take a few days from when wedinos receive them.

What to do after testing a substance

  • Inform anyone you know with this batch of the substance of the results.
    • Ensure they're aware that Wedinos provides information on what is in the sample, not what the dose is- The substance could be much stronger or weaker than expected and labled.
  • Advise anyone with the substance to use harm reduction techniques:
    • Use a small amount of the substance at first(wedinos does not tell you the dose- just the primary and secondary substances)
    • Ensure that someone else is aware they're taking it and what they're taking.
    • If Wedinos says there are opiods in the sample, make sure there's naloxone on hand.