How to translate documents for Queercare/Queer war Aid

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This protocol is a draft. It has not yet been accepted as protocol and may be incorrect or poorly cited. Please do not use this in your work until it has been accepted.

Please see #protocols on Slack to discuss this protocol further.

This is the protocol for translating documents for Queer War Aid.

Before translating documents

When you emailed us to volunteer you’ll have been asked for an email address which works with google drive, and a phone number which works with signal.

If you’ve not emailed yet, you should send these along when you do.

When you’ve emailed, you’ll be added to a translation chat, and given access to a google drive folder- This drive folder is linked from the description of the chat.

This drive folder contains a tracker which keeps track of translation progress.

How to translate documents

When a document needs to be translated, it is added to the google drive folder, in a subfolder which says when it needs to be done by.

A note will be posted in the chat, with a link to it.

If you can translate parts of it by the deadline,

You must then go to the tracker and replace the “Needed” line in the appropriate cel with a “Doing: <initial>” line. The initial does not have to relate to your name- just pick a letter(or two, etc) which is unique.

Then open the document and begin translating:

Documents in the drive will be written originally in english. Some parts of them will be highlighted different colours- These are the bits that need to be translated into different languages. We currently use:

GREEN BACKGROUND for text which needs to be in Ukrainian.

BLUE BACKGROUND for text which needs to be in Polish.

PURPLE BACKGROUND for text which needs to be in Romanian.

Translate the text in the document in place.

When you’re happy with the translation, remove the highlights in your text leaving it with no highlights- this lets us check that all the translation is done.

If you have questions, ask in the chat for clarification- These can be technical terms, so it can be difficult to know which to use.

Update the line in the tracker spreadsheet from “Doing: <initial>” to “Done” and then post in the chat saying you’ve finished it.