Collecting items from someone in self-isolation

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How to collect items from someone in self-isolation

  1. The self-isolating person should clean and disinfect each item, while wearing gloves, according to the Disinfection protocol. Remember that the majority of bank notes are now plastic and can be washed.
  2. Place clean items in a new plastic bag, or a bag which has been disinfected inside and out, then place this bag inside another bag.
  3. When the person collecting arrives, the self-isolating person should place the double-bagged items on the floor, fold the outer bag down, and back away two metres.
  4. The person collecting should put on gloves and pick up the inner bag without touching the outer bag.
  5. After leaving, the person collecting should remove gloves without touching the exterior. (illustrated technique, video technique, and wash their hands as soon as possible.