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This page describes protocol, or, how to do things with QueerCare. You should check how to read protocol well if you're new to QueerCare.

Expences cover costs incurred during care- food, drink, acomodation, transport, etc. They're there because no-one should be losing money to do care.

When to Claim Expences

We ask that even people who can spare the money claim their expences back. This helps create a culture in which it is normalised, and people do not feel any shame at claiming expences.

Things you should claim for include:

  • Train fares within a metro area, or county- if you’re going on a long intercity journey, it’s generally best to check first, but if you need to because of acute care, don’t worry.
  • Buying a cup of tea or other drink for people you’re doing care for in the community- it’s reasonable to expect to pay about 5gbp per person(yourself and people you’re caring for- buy a snack too!
  • Buying a cheap meal while you’re caring for people: expect to pay about 15gbp/head, avoid the michelin stared places.
  • Buying snacks or other small food for folk you’re caring for: don’t do their groceries shop, but if they’ve having a blood sugar crash, buy them a snack
  • Buying snacks or a meal before doing care for someone- going into a care situation while you’re hungry is dangerous to you and the person you’re caring for.
  • Buying food while working(A meal to prepare or debreif with your buddy before or after care, lunch if pulling a full day, etc).
  • Accomodation, if you’re in an odd city and need to stay there overnight- you can try and find a local couch or spare bedroom, but if there’s nowhere safe, you should to get a cheap hostel or hotel room. You should not stay at the ritz.

If there is risk to life or limb, you can spend more.

How to Claim Expences

The google form is self explanatory, which should have been passed to you in training.

What to do after claiming expences

Expences are generally paid on the same cycle as wages, so expect them at the same time.